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  BelkinPetr 6e61d89bb3 my almost ready programm.Misha ,help me with page Invite moderators .We need to make some invitation tto moderator by click on button .Front-end ready and I hope you can make some changes in DB and make invite to moderator 5 years ago
  BelkinPetr 7542184977 I am try to develop our programm 5 years ago
  kinetik 049a67ebca Small changes in structure 5 years ago
  kinetik d359e3c7b8 Connect with new db tables + some operations with db 5 years ago
  kinetik 43f1026324 Add data source class, everth works 5 years ago
  Михаил af268205a3 Merging trubls 5 years ago
  Михаил c0411f4fa9 Local changes on workspace 5 years ago
  Михаил c251bd5714 Merge branch 'master' of 5 years ago
  Михаил 58d1d803da Add skill entities 5 years ago
  Ilya Lysko ff62908d35 Сделал фронт. Изменил цвет шапки. Все имена измененных файлов писать лень -- их много. Т.ч., смотрите сам коммит. 5 years ago
  Михаил ce8ec2d60e DataBase restruct for skill appending 5 years ago
  Михаил 06a99a1c89 First project commit 5 years ago
  BMI002 0f186678cb initial commit 5 years ago