Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Nikita arei Ermakov 1755b9572f Add some prints to stdout for more information. 4 years ago
  Nikita arei Ermakov f60620a011 Add unistar.xml job description for the STAR Scheduler. 4 years ago
  Nikita arei Ermakov e7aae6e086 Fix: Add UniGen specific environment variables. 4 years ago
  Nikita arei Ermakov 08491dae76 Add extra case-insensitive flags to sed and grep 4 years ago
  Nikita arei Ermakov 35958e7bbc Add 'nowait' option description to the help 4 years ago
  Nikita arei Ermakov 9cc5015783 Add unipbs script to run a jobs at the PBS 4 years ago
  Nikita Ermakov d3a4310d55 Update urqmd2u to meet the new UDst version. 4 years ago
  Nikita Ermakov 6f679ba7a7 Fixed UEvent and UManager to complete previous commit. 4 years ago
  Nikita Ermakov d51d51f55f Changed UEvent to meet the TClonesArray version of the DST. 4 years ago
  Nikita Ermakov 2797c801bc Added debug option to the Makefile. 4 years ago
  Nikita Ermakov 8ed2dd1d8c Fixed UEvent lowercase/uppercase mismatch. 4 years ago
  Nikita Ermakov f875ce5e76 Fix static class member in URun. 4 years ago
  Nikita Ermakov f354fa1b51 Initial commit. 4 years ago