Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Peter d5305a5907 Updated macro Draw_EpSp_Comparison.C 2 years ago
  Peter 585d01c368 Updated macros Draw_AcceptanceComparison.C 2 years ago
  Peter e2a055c003 Added macro to draw reco vs. geant 2 years ago
  Peter eec9f5c415 Small fix 2 years ago
  ParfenovPeter 2a44a7f919 changed Nhits>16 and added Pdg-based reco flow 2 years ago
  PeterParfenov ca07f35895 Added simple macros to plot results 2 years ago
  PeterParfenov 74e06723ef updated PicoDst submodule 2 years ago
  PeterParfenov d7fd59750e Commented out specified c++ standard (supported std=c++11,14,17) 2 years ago
  PeterParfenov a63081cf48 Added scalar product method for V2 eta-gap method using TPC 2 years ago
  PeterParfenov f3ba27e103 PicoDst added as a submodule 2 years ago
  PeterParfenov b2de32b268 Deleting PicoDst from here - it will be in it's own submodule 2 years ago
  PeterParfenov 5955af026a Changed default bad FHCal nodules in AcceptanceFilter, added utility function to get (X,Y) coordinates for FHCal modules 2 years ago
  PeterParfenov ca54003e63 Quick fix: added mfAcceptance namespace in the LinkDef 2 years ago
  PeterParfenov d64acf72e7 Added AcceptanceFilter to imitate acceptance inefficiencies in TPC & FHCal 2 years ago
  PeterParfenov 6c1748db36 Added flow calculation for negatively charged particles 2 years ago
  PeterParfenov 471de53a22 Created dedicated class for flattening corrections 2 years ago
  peter 54303f50b7 Move recentering procedure to the dedicated class 2 years ago
  peter 68b86baf6e Changed PID in vn(Mc) to Pdg-s 2 years ago
  PeterParfenov 01c6ec6b8f Fixed enum declaration for older rootcling versions 2 years ago
  PeterParfenov c7e0245c19 Applying fix for the older gcc versions (4.8.5 and newer) 2 years ago
  PeterParfenov 843dc6267b Number of iterations during flattening is set to 12 2 years ago
  PeterParfenov 4fd0c68c80 Added PicoDst as an ordinary subdirectory 2 years ago
  PeterParfenov 48dc1908f9 Delete testing PicoDst submodule 2 years ago
  PeterParfenov 5f52bda044 Updated PicoDst submodule 2 years ago
  PeterParfenov f2072d67ad Changes in CMakeLists.txt: PicoDst project now compiles along with MpdFlow 2 years ago
  PeterParfenov e58889f8b5 Added PicoDst as a submodule 2 years ago
  PeterParfenov bb42502cf2 Added recentering & flattening for Tpc/FHCal EP 2 years ago
  PeterParfenov a2126a1293 mfNamespace.h: fixed mass2 ordering 2 years ago
  PeterParfenov bda20ea644 Added v1,v2 from MC tracks 2 years ago
  PeterParfenov 8df5295ea7 Changed mfProcessEvent so every EP processed separately (Tpc EP, FHCal EP) 2 years ago