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  17. <div style='font: 28px Veranda; margin-top: 20px;'>Project: <span style="color: #6D8DB5">EMC geometry and cluster production for MPD detector</span></div>
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  19. <div><b>Authors:</b> <span style="font-style: italic;"><span style="text-decoration: underline;">M.A. Martemianov</span>, V.V. Kulikov, M.A. Matsyuk</span></div>
  20. <div><b>Home institute:</b> <span style="font-style: italic;">NRC «Kurchatov Institute» &ndash; ITEP</span></div>
  21. <div><b>Address:</b> <span style="font-style: italic;">Russia, 117219, Moscow, B. Cheremyshkinskaya st. 25</span></div>
  22. <div><b>e-mail:</b></span></div>
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  25. The EMC-MPD calorimeter is a multi-layer scintillator assembly of the "shashlik" type designed to detect
  26. photons and charged particles and measure energy. The presented software is aimed to translate the EMC
  27. geometry defined by the LHEP design department into the program code to perform the transportation of particles
  28. through MPD detector. Also, software allows processing the complete structure of the calorimeter, which has
  29. a high degree of segmentation and consists of 43,000 modules, each module has 221 layers. Our programming
  30. code includes the hit and cluster production in full compliance with mpdroot prescriptions both in ROOT5
  31. and ROOT6 environment. Some features of the software are given below.
  32. <ol style="margin-left: -15px">
  33. <li>Script to create specific EMC geometry: mpdroot/macro/mpd/create_rootgeom_emc_v2.C.
  34. It produces ROOT-file (emc_v2.root) based on a specific geometry of the EMC module
  35. defined in <font class="boldClass">MpdECALData.xml</font> file. </li>
  36. <li>Start Monte Carlo production for EMC-MPD: <b>root -b runMC.C</b>. Output result is stored in
  37. the evetest.root file, where EMC data is located in EmcPoint - branch.</li>
  38. <li>Class structure of the EMC hit production: <font class="boldClass">MpdEmcGeoParams</font>,
  39. <font class="boldClass">MpdEmcHit</font>, <font class="boldClass">MpdEmcHitCreation</font>.
  40. Class <font class="boldClass">MpdEmcGeoParams</font> defines parameters of the center of each
  41. EMC module (fRhoCenter, fZCenter, fPhiCenter, fThetaCenter) directly from ROOT - file. The special
  42. function which relates point to the corresponding module by minimal angle (in $phi; and $theta;) between
  43. module axis and direction to the point and merges all points in active element to hit.
  44. Each hit is described by the geometrical parameters
  45. (module center) and special numbers defined EMC geometry: <b>fSecId</b> – sector number,
  46. <b>fRowId</b> – number in XY plane, <b>fModId</b> – number along 0Z plane. To start this procedure you
  47. need to: <b>root -b mpdroot/macro/mpd/reco.C</b>.</li>
  48. <li>Class structure of the EMC cluster production: <font class="boldClass">MpdEmcCluster</font>,
  49. <font class="boldClass">MpdEmcClusterCreation</font>. The procedure to construct cluster from hits
  50. is based on two simple algorithms. Both of them are merging hits into cluster around hit with maximal energy:
  51. first algorithm sums hits inside 3D-radius; second one based on a module frame. To start the procedure
  52. of clustering, it's important to specify the algorithm number:
  53. <div class="middleClass">EmcCluster-&gt;SetAlgorithmNumber(2)<span>,</span></div>
  54. add the energy threshold for each hit in MeV:
  55. <div class="middleClass">EmcCluster-&gt;SetEnergyThreshold(1.5)</div>
  56. and define the special parameters of selected algorithm:
  57. <div class="middleClass">EmcCluster-&gt;SetClusterFrame(4, 3)<span>,</span></div>
  58. that means a module frame of size 4x3. To launch the reconstruction session in batch mode, use the
  59. following syntax: <b>root -b emc_cl.C</b></li>
  60. </ol>
  61. Other additional information can be found in <a style="color: blue" href="EMC-Geometry.pdf">our report</a>
  62. from the first Collaboration meeting of the MPD and BM@N experiments at the NICA Facility.
  63. </div>
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  65. <div style="text-align: right; font-size: 14px; margin-right: 30px;">
  66. Created by <span class="handwritten">M.Martemyanov</span> on 26.04.2018</div>
  67. </div>
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