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 ##### PicoDst data format
-After installation `` will be generated. To make include `` in every `ROOT` session and to export usefull environment variables in the system, source ``:
+After installation `` will be generated. This script contains most of the needed information for the system to find PicoDst library.
+For comfortable usage of the `PicoDst` package (to automatically load `` in every `ROOT` session, export usefull environment variables and aliases in the system), source ``:
+It also contains usefull aliases for all executables.
+##### Basic information about `PicoDst` package: `PicoDst-config`
+Like `root-config` command, `PicoDst-config` contains information about version and paths to the source code and build directories. After sourcing `` one can just use the following command in bash:
+PicoDst-config --version --incdir --srcdir --bindir
 ##### Convert `MpdDst` data to `PicoDst`:
-If `FairRoot` (and `MpdRoot`) is installed `PicoDstConverter` is compiled. To use it, do:
+If `FairRoot` (and `MpdRoot`) is installed `PicoDstConverter` is compiled. After sourcing `` one can use command:
-./PicoDstConverter -i input_mpddst.root -o output_picodst.root
+PicoDstConverter -i input_mpddst.root -o output_picodst.root