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Data format fot the Flow Analysis at MPD(NICA)


  • Get the source code:

    git clone
  • Create build directory and build project:

    cd PicoDst/
    mkdir build/
    cd build/
    cmake ..

    CMakeLists.txt file automatically checks if FairRoot is installed.

    • if FairRoot is installed both and PicoDstConverter will be compiled
    • if FairRoot is not installed only will be compiled


PicoDst data format

After installation will be generated. This script contains most of the needed information for the system to find PicoDst library. For comfortable usage of the PicoDst package (to automatically load in every ROOT session, export usefull environment variables and aliases in the system), source


It also contains usefull aliases for all executables.

Basic information about PicoDst package: PicoDst-config

Like root-config command, PicoDst-config contains information about version and paths to the source code and build directories. After sourcing one can just use the following command in bash:

PicoDst-config --version --incdir --srcdir --bindir
Convert MpdDst data to PicoDst:

If FairRoot (and MpdRoot) is installed PicoDstConverter is compiled. After sourcing one can use command:

PicoDstConverter -i input_mpddst.root -o output_picodst.root