Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  ParfenovPeter 2ac697e2c9 Added filelists for PHQMD, UrQMD cascade 3 weeks ago
  ParfenovPeter 5798316be7 Added batch files for cluster 3 weeks ago
  ParfenovPeter 7428d865ff Added separate HSD format wich is the version of PHQMD one except there's no PsiRP rotation back to pi 3 months ago
  ParfenovPeter 7a630a164e Added support for PHQMD ROOT format 3 months ago
  PeterParfenov b3ad973d78 Small fix 8 months ago
  PeterParfenov 115c504a1c Added separate qa configs for HADES and STAR FXT 3 GeV 8 months ago
  PeterParfenov 5746a4523c Adapted qa.cfg for STAR FXT 3 GeV, added v3, v4 wrt RP 8 months ago
  ParfenovPeter 62072b9c78 Added 2D profiles fpr different centrality determination methods (b or multiplicity based 10 months ago
  ParfenovPeter 5f3d1a302d Added qaParticleLight class, vn now calculates using std::vector<qaParticleLight> of selected particles 10 months ago
  ParfenovPeter 8e78ed3f7a Added pT vs eta, small fixes 10 months ago
  ParfenovPeter 15d70d33d5 Added pT-Y selection criteria for pions, kaons and (anti)protons 11 months ago
  ParfenovPeter 461c67e202 Added v1, v2 as a TProfile with config parser to std::vector<float> for centrality classes (b-based) 11 months ago
  ParfenovPeter 6695328cc8 Added v1 and v2 2D profiles 11 months ago
  ParfenovPeter 769bdc031c Fixed event counter bug 1 year ago
  ParfenovPeter 6ebf47cb62 Added mcini optional support 1 year ago
  ParfenovPeter 09c7da853e Small bug fix, changed optimization option 1 year ago
  ParfenovPeter c6f4d5ed86 Small bug fixes (one in mcpico reader, one in main) 1 year ago
  ParfenovPeter 423f111a50 Added mcpico reader. Reader manager is now interface class. Utility constants, variables and functions are moved to the qaUtility singleton. 1 year ago
  ParfenovPeter 06aa0e89c9 changed event output so now it prints out minbias event 1 year ago
  ParfenovPeter 24d0c3898b Nevents is now fixed to the number of minbias events (or less if TChain does not have enough entries) 1 year ago
  Peter ac9d58c39f Added qa histograms, spatial info (t, x, y, z) 1 year ago
  Peter 8197b4730a First full qa chain implemented (cuts, histograms and output). 1 year ago
  Peter 2d6f832e5a Slightly improved memory usage, the template of the basic event/particle loop is ready 1 year ago
  Peter 963f523f73 First implementation of the simple QA tools 1 year ago