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  Peter Parfenov 272d8f28c3 Added resolution calculation for ZDC (1st & 2nd harmonics) 4 years ago
  Peter Parfenov baacc663b0 Added second configuration to the 3-sub method Resolution 4 years ago
  Peter Parfenov 89f84c3a4c Scalar Product added (both resolution & flow), 3-sub method added (resolution calculation) 4 years ago
  Parfenov Peter 614b731c0e Finished with BBC... finaly 4 years ago
  Peter Parfenov 0c634d5692 BBC chain complete 4 years ago
  PeterParfenov 91ff75d4ca Added CMake file for batch-sge processes 5 years ago
  PeterParfenov fe9af4174d Added QA, Resolution fit procedure, fixed issue with v3 5 years ago