Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Peter Parfenov 6ee3db7bbd Improved QA 4 years ago
  Peter Parfenov baacc663b0 Added second configuration to the 3-sub method Resolution 4 years ago
  Peter Parfenov 102308d1f3 Suppressed autocorrelations in 3-sub method for Full-TPC EP 4 years ago
  Peter Parfenov ca0b70e040 Fixed SP method 4 years ago
  Peter Parfenov d2029303a6 Added <res/vn> vs runId 4 years ago
  Peter Parfenov 9074de013a Implemented 3-sub method 4 years ago
  Peter Parfenov 89f84c3a4c Scalar Product added (both resolution & flow), 3-sub method added (resolution calculation) 4 years ago
  Peter Parfenov bc7e90823d Fixed BBC-Full angle 4 years ago
  Peter Parfenov 2afcd95e6c Finished BBC-based vn calculation 4 years ago
  Parfenov Peter 4e61a7eda6 Tripled order of harmonics for flattening in BBC (up to 12) 4 years ago
  Parfenov Peter 905f0ffe6d Double order of harmonics for flattening in BBC 4 years ago
  Parfenov Peter 614b731c0e Finished with BBC... finaly 4 years ago
  Parfenov Peter cecd34e8b4 BBC chain is implemented according to the Isaac's code 4 years ago
  Parfenov Peter a102ac1734 remade BBC-related EP determination chain: 2nd harmonics looks reasonable? 4 years ago
  Peter Parfenov 2ac05abdc7 BBC chain v1.0 is ready 4 years ago
  Parfenov Peter e6c42c738a Fixed Gain correction 4 years ago
  Peter Parfenov 0c634d5692 BBC chain complete 4 years ago
  PeterParfenov 5dde0cc99b BBC recentering binary: added to git 4 years ago
  PeterParfenov 6ca669ecec BBC recentering - first attempt 4 years ago
  PeterParfenov 0e90dfe7c0 Gain calibration for BBC is implied 4 years ago
  Peter Parfenov 7e282e81e8 Modified PID fit procedures 4 years ago
  PeterParfenov 55931e7eab Starting BBC/SMD-ZDC based EP determination 4 years ago
  PeterParfenov 70f1936869 New XY PID implemented 4 years ago
  PeterParfenov 93ecc835f5 Preparing new PID procedure 4 years ago
  PeterParfenov 72ab366b06 New EP correction method - VtxVz differential (6 cm step) is implied 5 years ago
  PeterParfenov f2e8ed5850 First implementation of the cent16-based analysis 5 years ago
  PeterParfenov c8d2c303aa First implementation of the software for v2/v3 5 years ago
  PeterParfenov bcd1d7b528 symmetric PID-cut is used now 5 years ago
  Peter Parfenov ef5e7927ba Added QA for PID 5 years ago
  PeterParfenov 5f8058c0c2 Added vn/nq^{n/2} vs kEkin/nq 5 years ago