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    Peter Parfenov 5 years ago 56 commits to master since this release

    The first release of the v2/v3 software @ femtoDST. Key elements:

    • Recentering & Flattening corrections during EP determination. Both are differentiated over RunId (run number), vertex Z-component (Vz<0, Vz>0) and 9 bins of centrality for 4 different pseudorapidity gaps (eta=+-0.05, +-0.1,+-0.2,+-0.5).
    • Resolution is gathered for 9 centrality bins for 4 different pseudorapidity gaps (eta=+-0.05, +-0.1,+-0.2,+-0.5).
    • v2/v3 for charged hadrons measurements.
    • n-sigma(dEdx) vs m2 distributions for PID are gathered.
    • v2/v3 for identified hadrons (pi+-;K+-;p,anti-p) measured.