Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Unknwon e74630ae3b #1384 add pagination for repositories 6 years ago
  Unknwon 1f2e173a74 Refactor User.Id to User.ID 6 years ago
  Unknwon 46e96c008c Use struct for UI settings 6 years ago
  Unknwon 250be011c7 Remove redundant Unix timestamp method call 6 years ago
  Unknwon 7ca5f8f119 models/repo: remove redundant info for some repo methods 6 years ago
  Unknwon 70a281a39b #2375 preserve cases for action content 6 years ago
  SjonHortensius 17a4d8a5e5 Fix capitalisation of repo-name in news (#3203) 7 years ago
  Unknwon ad513a20e9 #2302 Replace time.Time with Unix Timestamp (int64) 7 years ago
  Unknwon 414eb22ef9 #1597 fix activitity feeds for pull requests 7 years ago
  Unknwon 129638117f #2697 fix panic when close issue via commit message 7 years ago
  Unknwon 912f7b51e9 #1821 add actions for close and reopen issues 7 years ago
  Unknwon 2765b5c7cf #2630 fix wrong user avatar link in webhook 7 years ago
  Unknwon a1d97e8f5c Minor fix for #2567 7 years ago
  Florian Kaiser 45db167f7a Only show activities for repositories on dashboard, that the user has access to 7 years ago
  Unknwon c631a4a9b9 URL fix for #2287 7 years ago
  Unknwon f43cc90841 #2287 Truncate repository name if too long 7 years ago
  Unknwon 19423957b1 rename import path 7 years ago
  Unknwon 99e9bbef6c fix bool check for repo max limit and fix hang when push repo with tons of commits 7 years ago
  Unknwon 9a2e43bff2 move out git module and #1573 send push hook 7 years ago
  Unknwon dce2a9e7e1 fix wrong slack webhook payload URL 7 years ago
  Unknwon 404867f206 fix #2105 and fix #1857 7 years ago
  Unknwon e030109b5a fix api broken 7 years ago
  Unknwon 1d57f0d64f Show custom avatars in commits 7 years ago
  Unknwon 6a664e88c7 #1854 show issue content 7 years ago
  Unknwon a6c7716742 minor fix for #1935 and fix #1854 7 years ago
  Alexey Makhov ee645af107 #1854 change issueId to issueIndex 7 years ago
  Alexey Makhov 3e7695ae91 #1854 improves 7 years ago
  Alexey Makhov 1bfebdcdf6 #1854 improves 7 years ago
  Alexey Makhov 588a0db218 #1854 issue title at dashboard 7 years ago
  Unknwon b55499d039 go vet and fix #1890 7 years ago