Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  John Maguire b3e0efc0c3 Trim whitespace when adding SSH keys (fixes #2447) 7 years ago
  John Maguire caa4ca46c0 Add debug log when SSH key for deletion isn't found 7 years ago
  Unknwon 5d192c2ebf Merge pull request #2533 from fnkr/icon-fork-private-collision 7 years ago
  Florian Kaiser 29c3e9f428 Undo change in templates/explore/repo_list.tmpl 7 years ago
  Florian Kaiser 532f9fdd99 Use icon repo-forked instead of repo-lock for private, forked repos 7 years ago
  Unknwon 4848620594 #2229 adjust URL verbose depth for reverse proxy sub-path 7 years ago
  Florian Kaiser bead46363b Evaulate org/team permissions when using the issue/PR view 7 years ago
  Unknwon 57c10aae33 Merge pull request #2531 from andreynering/home-template-pt-BR 7 years ago
  Andrey Nering 0e0cd9100b Add portuguese-BR to home template. 7 years ago
  Florian Kaiser 90780a0d90 Use invalid value (-1) instead of 0 to prevent bug if auto increment starts with 0 7 years ago
  Florian Kaiser fdad234445 Remove unnecessary comments 7 years ago
  Florian Kaiser bba1847a8e Everyone can see public repos 7 years ago
  Unknwon a9d68a6884 fix #2529 7 years ago
  Florian Kaiser 9cf95e4e37 Organization owners see all repositories & teams 7 years ago
  Florian Kaiser 8c4588c4c9 Refactor .IsAdminTeam to .IsTeamAdmin and requireAdminTeam to requireTeamAdmin 7 years ago
  Florian Kaiser e35791b2b2 Only show teams the user has access to 7 years ago
  Florian Kaiser 5eafe2b17e Only show repositories the user has access to, on the organization home 7 years ago
  Unknwon 1c1246fcb9 Merge pull request #2527 from fnkr/hide-private-orgs-from-profile 7 years ago
  Unknwon 8436d69eaf Update and reorganize front-end resources 7 years ago
  Florian Kaiser 295de51b99 Show all orgs on user profile, except the private one's 7 years ago
  Unknwon 6e03f61617 Update .gopmfile 7 years ago
  Unknwon 055c1ea02d Merge pull request #2517 from fnkr/issue-2516 7 years ago
  Florian Kaiser abc5abce30 Allow modification of a release if Content is empty (fix #2516) 7 years ago
  Unknwon 112a7cab31 #2497 incorrect error handle for team name 7 years ago
  Unknwon ee814bf8d6 #2491 minor fix for sr on dashboard 7 years ago
  Unknwon a4a23c0268 Merge pull request #2508 from MilesPong/develop 7 years ago
  Unknwon cd89d387b6 Merge pull request #2509 from 0rax/develop 7 years ago
  miles@Oscar beefc53e59 Using https for gravatar 7 years ago
  miles@Oscar 1becf01cfa Fixed gravatar url 7 years ago
  Jean-Philippe Roemer 9fbf54ee6b Update Dockerfile.rpi to better match Dockerfile: 7 years ago