Dmitry Yu Okunev 0d233f6241 Merge 7 years ago
auth e3d3d424b2 Minor fix for go vet 7 years ago
avatar 6488ee12be avatar: make custom and generated avatars equal (#3301) 7 years ago
base 8a248696e9 Use a gopher as default avatar (rather than the gravatar logo) (#3208) 7 years ago
bindata 0d233f6241 Merge 7 years ago
context 899e799459 #1601 support delete issue comment 7 years ago
cron d8a994ef24 Move cron module to independent package 7 years ago
httplib de3be370f7 Remove unused tests 7 years ago
log 194a742fb9 #2798 fix assign operation not take effect 7 years ago
mailer f1b8d52eb3 #2854 fix no mail notification when issue is closed/reopened 7 years ago
markdown d7bdc1de8d #3107 fix mention regex does not include dash 7 years ago
process c50a3503e6 introduce git-shell 8 years ago
setting 46e96c008c Use struct for UI settings 7 years ago
ssh 9e09e48502 #2850 fix potential SSH commands dislocation 7 years ago
template 46e96c008c Use struct for UI settings 7 years ago
user 98b152030d The pruning for the synchronized mirrors is a option now. Default value: enable_prune = true (#3246) 7 years ago