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For this to work you will need the nifty docker tool docker-compose.

The most simple setup will look like this:

./assemble_blocks.sh docker_gogs w_db option_db_mysql
docker-compose up

That's it. You have GoGS running in docker linked to a MySQL docker container.

Now visit http://localhost:3000/ and give details for the admin account an you're up and running.

How does it work

./assemble_blocks.sh will look in blocks for subdirectories. In the subdirectories there are three relevant files: Dockerfile, config and docker-compose.

Dockerfile will be copied to docker/ (also means last Dockerfile wins).

The config file contains lines which will in the gogs docker container end up in $GOGS_PATH/custom/config/app.ini and by this gogs will be configured. Here you can define things like the MySQL server for your database block.

The docker-compose file will just be added to docker-compose.yml, which is used by docker-compose to manage your containers. This includes container linking!

Just have a look at them and it will be clear how to write your own blocks.

Just some things

- all files (`Dockerfile`, `docker-compose` and `config`) are optional
- the gogs block should always be the first block

Currently the blocks are designed that, the blocks that start with docker pull in the base docker image. Then one block starting with w defines, what containers should be linked to the gogs container. For every option in the w block you need to add an option container.


./assemble_blocks.sh docker_gogs w_db_cache option_db_mysql option_cache_redis

More sophisticated Example

Here is a more elaborated example

./assemble_blocks.sh docker_gogs w_db_cache_session option_db_postgresql option_cache_redis option_session_mysql
docker-compose up

This will set up four containters and link them proberly. One for each of docker-compose

- session (mysql)

WARNING: This will not work at the Moment! MySQL session is broken!


After you execute assemble_blocks.sh you should always trigger docker-compose build to inculde the the new init script init_gogs.sh in the docker image.

If you want to use another GoGS docker file, but keep everything else the same, you can create a block, e.g. docker_gogs_custom, with only a Dockerfile and call

./assemble_blocks.sh docker_gogs_custom w_db option_database_mysql

This will pull in the Dockerfile from docker_gogs instead of the one from docker_gogs.

Dockerfiles for the master and dev branch are provided as docker_gogs and docker_gogs_dev