Unknwon 8e40f86d2c #2556 handle space in image URL 7 years ago
auth abc5abce30 Allow modification of a release if Content is empty (fix #2516) 7 years ago
avatar 5dc3dd1704 fix #1960 8 years ago
base 8e40f86d2c #2556 handle space in image URL 7 years ago
bindata 04be8c0de5 #2554 reinitialize all repos from the db 7 years ago
cron b55499d039 go vet and fix #1890 8 years ago
httplib b9f5def5dc fix insecure tls when trigger task 8 years ago
log 4e0c697aaf force new INI version 8 years ago
mailer 2d3ecbe5b2 make mailer log more verbose 8 years ago
middleware ddf9fa06c7 Minor fix for #2530 7 years ago
process c50a3503e6 introduce git-shell 8 years ago
setting 4848620594 #2229 adjust URL verbose depth for reverse proxy sub-path 7 years ago
ssh 3abad75a1b Fix one user may block entire listen loop for builtin SSH 7 years ago
template 4993ab1a76 #2185 fall back to use custom chardet lib 8 years ago
user 0d38794c7f Factor out function to get the current user 8 years ago
uuid e57aebb316 Add uuid 9 years ago