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Simple interface for model event generation on ncx (SGE) and virgo-debian8 (SLURM) clusters.


git clone
cd SimData/


Bash script creates several directories in SimData for each model (DCM-QGSM-SMM, JAM, SMASH, UrQMD). The main bash scripts for event generation are stored there: $MODEL/scripts/ For example, to run for UrQMD model one have to do the following:

On ncx cluster (SGE):

cd SimData/UrQMD/scripts/
qsub -t 1-N

On virgo-debian8 cluster (SLURM):

cd SimData/UrQMD/scripts/
sbatch --array 1-N --chdir=<path>/SimData/UrQMD/TMP -- <path>/SimData/UrQMD/scripts/

One can change number of events generated in each job (nev) and input configuration file (INPUTFILE) in the main scripts for event generation