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Quick information

It is a simple example of scripts/macros sets suitable for work on the MEPhI (basov) cluster.

Setting environment

Copy from a git repo:

    git clone

Change paths accordingly:

  • 1 In Change ST_FEMTO_DST_INC_DIR to standard one. It's the directory where is stored.
  • 2 In scripts/ change path to a last line to one where your build will be.
  • 3 In scripts/ change path to output directory (OUTPUT_DIR).


Source required environment variables:

    cd hpc_scripts/

Make new build directory. For example:

    mkdir build/
    cd build/

Generate makefile & install:

    cmake ../macro/

Keep in mind that one has to do make command after changing FemtoDstAnalyzer.C in order to compile new code.

Generate filelists

Use to make filelists:


where FEMTODST_DIR - path to the directory with femtoDst.root files. And N_FILES_IN_LIST denotes the maximum number of femtoDst.root files in each filelist. Basic example:

      . /mnt/pool/rhic/2/nigmatkulov/femtoDst/auau/200gev/12135/ 100

Resulting filelists will be in the hpc_scripts/lists/ directory.


Interactive mode

To use FemtoDstAnalyzer.C in interactive mode:

    cd build/
    ./FemtoDstAnalyzer -i INPUTFILE -o OUTPUTFILE

where INPUTFILE - is input file or filelist with femtoDst.root. OUTPUTFILE - is resulting root file. Basic example:

    ./FemtoDstAnalyzer -i ../lists/StRuns1.list -o ./test.root

Batch mode

To send jobs to basov cluster, use scripts/


where INPUT_FILELIST_DIR - is the directory where you store filelists. Basic example:

    . /mnt/pool/rhic/4/parfenovpeter/STAR/Analysis/hpc_scripts/lists