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Portions contributed by Matt Zukowski are copyright (c) 2011 Urbacon Ltd. Other portions are copyright of their respective authors.




Example with mysql database:

  1. git clone git://
  2. cd rubycas-server
  3. cp config/config.example.yml config.yml
  4. Customize your server by modifying the config.yml file. It is well commented but make sure that you take care of the following:
    1. Change the database driver to mysql2
    2. Configure at least one authenticator
    3. You might want to change log.file to something local, so that you don't need root. For example just casserver.log
    4. You might also want to disable SSL for now by commenting out the ssl_cert line and changing the port to something like 8888
  5. Create the database (i.e. mysqladmin -u root create casserver or whatever you have in config.yml)
  6. Modify the existing Gemfile by adding drivers for your database server. For example, if you configured mysql2 in config.yml, add this to the Gemfile: gem "mysql2"
  7. Run bundle install
  8. bundle exec rubycas-server -c config.yml

Your RubyCAS-Server should now be running. Once you've confirmed that everything looks good, try switching to a Passenger deployment. You should be able to point Apache (or whatever) to the rubycas-server/public directory, and everything should just work.

Some more info is available at the RubyCAS-Server Wiki.

If you have questions, try the RubyCAS Google Group or #rubycas on freenode.


RubyCAS-Server is licensed for use under the terms of the MIT License. See the LICENSE file bundled with the official RubyCAS-Server distribution for details.